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The Wall Street Journal


And FoodMaven, a startup in Colorado Springs, Colo., is connecting suppliers with too much turkey or lettuce with restaurants and food-service companies that can buy it at a discount.


Sodoma Law

Children should not have to carry the weight of making the decision to choose between parents--they are children, says Nicole Sodoma, managing principal and family law attorney at Sodoma Law.



Meet iguacu: The Platform Helping You Help Trusted Organizations Worldwide

Imagine, when you hear of great suffering in the world, that there was a trusted place you could go online to find genuinely effective charities on the ground. Welcome iguacu, an independent non profit organization empowering your desire to give effectively in serious humanitarian crises.

CFO Thought Leader Podcast

MIT Sloan CFO Summit

Achieving Profitablilty Milestones | John Kinzer, CFO HubSpot

Kinzer is an upcoming speaker at the MIT Sloan CFO Summit, the premier annual Summit for CFOs to discuss high level strategies and practical insights.

Fast Company


Announcing the United States of Innovation

To bolster regional growers, Portland entrepreneur David Stone launched Forager, a platform that digitizes interactions between farmers and retailers. The approximately 100 producers who have signed up can use Forager to connect with sellers, list their inventory, and fast-track payments. Stone is planning a national expansion.

USA Today

Green Mountain College

Five Ways to Make College More Affordable

The wait is almost over: you know which colleges and universities have accepted your application. But there’s one more hurdle to cross: figuring out how to pay for your degree.



22 Easy Ways to Make Moving Less of a Nightmare

1. Look into different moving services and compare prices online.  Sites like Unpakt will give you a good idea of what prices you should be expecting from moving services. You can also just book one straight through them.



Non-Profit Focuses on Effective Global Giving

When it comes to helping people in crisis-ridden areas, it can be a challenge finding charities you know will put donations to good use. A global non-profit is working to change that.

The Wall Street Journal

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

The Morning Download: Digital Bank CIO Earns Honors For Making Banking 'Joyful'

Greetings from the 2017 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, where CIO Journal will be reporting for you throughout the day.

University Business

Green Mountain College

Higher Ed’s Rural Appeal

Small, rural schools make their case with unique programs, employment outcomes and Mother Nature

Students earn salaries for working at the resort and often earn jobs in the ski industry right after graduation, says Karen Martinsen Fleming, Green Mountain College's chief marketing officer.

Woman's World Magazine

Energy Bombs Chewing Gum

Win a Year Supply of Energy Bombs Chewing Gum and a Fitbit Flex 2!

Whether you’re working long hours, a sleep deprived college student, an overtired mom, or need a boost during a workout or endless road trip, finding energy in a quick, convenient way is now easier than ever with Energy Bombs Chewing Gum.

FEI Daily

MIT Sloan CFO Summit

The Broad Appeal and Customization Balancing Act: a Q&A with Beth Kurth

FEI Daily spoke with investor relations and corporate communications professional Beth Kurth, Panel Content Lead for the MIT Sloan CFO Summit, about this year’s event which offers a day of cutting-edge programming that addresses the changing role of the CFO.



Crestron Joins Growing List of Alexa-Friendly Smart-Home Providers

Amazon is building an Alexa army

In addition to those native Alexa scene controls, Crestron is offering an additional customized element to its skill. The idea is that you'll be able to tell Alexa how you're feeling -- "It's too dark in here" or "I'm too hot," for instance. From there, Alexa will respond accordingly and brighten the room or crank up the AC.

Bloomberg Law

Outsell, Inc.

GCs Add Compliance to Legal Department

As global regulations have become increasingly complex, and the cost for non-compliance more expensive and critical to the function of the corporation, the role of the legal department has been magnified, Hugh Logue, legal Market Analyst at Outsell said.

Mercury News


High-Tech 'Flying Eye Hospital' Visits Silicon Valley

The Flying Eye Hospital Runs with the support of a bevy of private and corporate donors. FedEx provides pilots as well as the plane itself ; the tech company Crestron donated the plane's extensive screens; even the teddy bears that the Flying Eye Hospital 's child patients receive come courtesy of corporate partner Omega.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive


Shake off the Caveman Mentality

Tania Seary, Founding Chairman of Procurious reminds that cost will always be a top priority for procurement. Strategic purchasing, leveraging technology in manufacturing and sourcing newer (less costly) materials are all ways to contain costs. “It [cost containment] is the biggest value we can bring to a business. We own this space,” she says.



Flying Eye Hospital Comes to Newark

“We’re happy to give our equipment, donate, and help anyway that we can,” said Dan Feldstein, COO, Crestron Electronics. “But it’s the doctors and the nurses and everybody else associated with Orbis out doing their work that make it all worth while. It’s not the hammer that puts the nail in. It’s the carpenter that puts the nail in. So we’re just glad to give them the hammer.”



NJ Flying Eye Hospital

Crestron technology enables Orbis' Mission to prevent blindness.

The Associated Press


The Latest: Calls for 2nd Referendum Crash UK Website Inc., for instance, currently uses the U.K. as a major distribution hub. Outsell analyst Michael Balsam says Amazon and other tech companies handling physical goods may re-evaluate their distribution channels if it becomes more difficult to ship across borders.

The Wall Street Journal CIO Journal

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

The Gig Economy Benefits 'Superstar" Employees, Says MIT Panelist

Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, chaired an academic keynote panel on the gig economy at the 16th Annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. David Autor, professor of economics at MIT, said that while the gig economy may be “the most fundamental shift in how employers engage with workers since the 1980s,” it is mostly leveraged by firms to shift fixed labor costs to variable costs.



NASA Thinks a Hive Mind Can Solve Mars Colony Problems Before Rocket Scientists

“The benefit is to ask for creative minds everywhere to consider the problem,” says Kevin Andrews, senior program manager with NineSigma.. “It’s fresh perspective. Sometimes when you’re working on a problem, that you maybe have been working on for a long time, you get what we might call tunnel vision — or you essentially wear blinders, where you’re focused so intently on a particular path that maybe you’re not stopping to take a look around.”

Investor's Business Daily

Nottingham Spirk

For Product Disruption, Try Disciplined Style of Out-There Thinking

In 1972, industrial design grads John Nottingham and John Spirk decided to forgo Fortune 500 company jobs to launch their own invention business in a Cleveland garage.


“We just started creating innovative products,” Nottingham told IBD.


Since then, their firm — Nottingham Spirk — has amassed more than 1,000 patents that have generated $50 billion in revenue for client companies.

Spend Matters


Catching up with Tania Seary of Procurious -- Network Hits 12,000 Members, Plans to Launch a Corporate Edition in 2016

The social network geared specifically for the procurement and supply chain world not only provides a space for like-minded people to connect, but Seary said it’s a place for professionals to be actively involved in their industry, to share ideas and collaborate on solutions to common challenges.

The Wall Street Journal

Outsell, Inc

LinkedIn Shares Drop as Forecast Disappoints

The product “fell flat” for LinkedIn customers because it was too similar to the tools already at their disposal, said Michael Balsam, analyst at Outsell Inc.

Fast Company


How the Tech That Took Away Your Work-Life Blance Is Working To Reinstate It

Chokdee Rutirasiri, the CEO of the design firm Story+Structure, explains that while Slack has pretty much replaced email (and its dreaded notifications), he says, "As a firm, we work hard to be respectful of people’s lives outside of work. This manifests itself in many ways, from our vacation policy to our annual break—and now to Slack."

Inside Philanthropy

All Stars Project

"Involvement Philanthropy" Is the Key to This Nonprofit's Fundraising Success

Gabrielle Kurlander is an actor, singer, and theater director who has studied all kinds of performance. She moved to New York City to be at the center of live theater in the United States. In 1990 she took a job at the All Stars Project, where she is now president and CEO. The mission of the organization is to "transform the lives of youth and poor communities using the developmental power of performance, in partnership with caring adults."



One of the Hottest Gadget Makers at CES Began as a Chip Startup

In the summer of 2014, he decided to take what was an advanced semiconductor, skip the stodgy old-customer base, and build something completely different. His idea was to build a camera that used the image processing in the chip to make a really low-power camera—so low power, in fact, that it could be made tiny and wireless. And fairly cheaply.

Investor's Business Daily


Yesterday's Experiment Spawns Tomorrow's Biz Edge

Three out of four executives expect their firms to increase their innovation budgets in the coming year. That's according to a Harris Poll of 300 executives at firms with $1 billion-plus revenue. The study, commissioned by open innovation service provider NineSigma, also found: Seventy-two percent expect their companies to increase investment in projects with outside firms.

The Boston Globe's Beta Boston


Blink and See the Future of Home Security

The control module talks to the Blink cameras, and relays their images to the home’s Wi-Fi network. Now I can use an Apple or Android smartphone app to see my home videos anywhere in the world.


Chicago Tribune

All Stars Project

In Prepping Youth for Corporate America, Nonprofit Highlights the Power of Pretend

The Development School for Youth, a program of the All Stars Project, uses elements of the performing arts to teach basic social skills to kids from poor community.



Cyber Monday: Why Retailers Can't Keep Their Sites From Crashing

According to a Dynatrace poll of more than 5,000 shoppers, 75% of all smartphone and tablet users said they would abandon a retailer's mobile site or app if it was buggy, slow or prone to crashes.

Bulldog Reporter


Back to the Digital Future: Millennials Are Reshaping Holiday Shopping Forever as Their Demands for Digital Performance Skyrocket in 2015

Digital performance software company Dynatrace recently announced the results of a new five-country consumer survey on mobile shopping for the 2015 holiday season, revealing that Millennials age 18 to 34 are driving a new era of demand for digital performance excellence—81% of Millennial-aged smartphone and/or tablet owners across all countries say they will abandon transactions and shop elsewhere if a mobile site or mobile app is buggy, slow or prone to crashes, and over half (51%) are likely to broadcast their complaints about poor online shopping experiences on social media.

Christian Science Monitor


NASA Needs Our Help Building on Mars

NASA needs help exploring Mars, and it’s asking the public to pitch in. On Wednesday the agency challenged professional and budding engineers to come up with ideas on how to use native Martian soil and rock to build things like roads, bridges, landing pads, and radiation shields, structures that are necessary to human exploration of the Red Planet.

“It’s all about saving weight,” explains Kevin Stark, vice president of NineSigma, a technology consultancy that’s helping NASA run the challenge.

The Wall Street Journal

Outsell, Inc.

More Deals Likely as Financial-Data Battle Escalates

There are thousands of companies, selling everything from geopolitical heat maps to real-time tracking of cargo ships, and there should be an acceleration of industry consolidation over the next 18 months, said William Jan, Outsell’s lead analyst of financial-information firms, in a phone interview. There could be a deal every month, he said.

Huffington Post

Sodoma Law

Order in the Lunchroom: Parental Alienation

If it becomes clear that her decision has in some way helped the children, when the parents themselves couldn't do so, courtrooms around the country may see judges taking a similar stance in an effort to fight against parental alienation.

Harvard Business Review


The Top Complaints From Employees About Their Leaders

If you’re the kind of boss who fails to make genuine connections with your direct reports, take heed: 91% of employees say communication issues can drag executives down, according to results from our new Interact/Harris Poll, which was conducted online with roughly 1,000 U.S. workers.

The Wall Street Journal


Thoma Bravo Helps Dynatrace Find Its Spot in the Sun

Thoma Bravo’s purchase of Compuware Corp. is finally allowing Dynatrace LLC, the company’s digital performance management unit, a chance at its spot in the sun, said John Van Siclen, the unit’s chief executive.


Institute for Supply Management

IBM's Sourcing Teams are a Critical Cog in their Sustainability Efforts

If you want to empower a procurement organization to support a company’s end-to-end sustainability commitments, ISM and their Mastery Model need to be embraced. ISM has identified 16 cores competencies ranging from Sourcing to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). There are also sub-competencies. Managers can use the Mastery Model to develop job descriptions, identify and fill gaps, and set goals for their people.  And, finally, for individuals striving for a successful career in procurement, “the ISM Mastery Model provides a roadmap for advancing to the next level.”

The Wall Street Journal

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

Reporter's Notebook: Highlights of the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

Raise your hand if you are in favor of automation taking all of our jobs. No one? Okay, you had better get to work right now if you want to preserve your livelihood or your company in the face of historic technological change, according to experts from business and academia, who met May 20, 2015 for the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium.

Fast Company


Seven Habits of Likable People

"People who value relationships over power are perceived to be more trustworthy and likable than those who are concerned with status," says Lou Solomon, CEO and Founder of Interact.

"It doesn’t take long to connect," she says. "We all love that moment when a leader looks us in the eye. People know when you only glance and quickly look past them, you’re absorbed in your own mental agenda."

Wired Innovation Insights

Outsell, Inc.

A Missing Link in Innovation?

It struck me that the reason many companies are not good at innovating is because they are unwilling to be entrepreneurial.

Matlaw's Seafood

Fish Friday's are Affordable with Matlaw's!

Matlaw's offers traditional favorites and new flavor combinations. From America's number #1 frozen seafood appetizer, Matlaw's Stuffed Clams, to children appeasing Popcorn Shrimp, Fish Friday's might expand to more than one day a week.



Best-Performing Websites During Super Bowl

David Jones, Director of Web and Mobile Performance at application performance management group Dynatrace, names the websites which performed quickly during the Super Bowl.


The New York Times

HeadSmart Labs

Deflation Experiments Show Patriots May Have a Point After All

Thomas Healy has detailed, experimental data on how atmospheric conditions might have reduced the air pressure in footballs used by the New England Patriots in their victory over the Indianapolis Colts.


Fast Company


6 Ways to Make Virtual Work More Human

According to a recent Interact Harris survey, more than two-thirds of American employees who ever work virtually agree that management needs to communicate better in order to keep them engaged. Lou offers six ways to help keep them engaged to ensure productivity and growth.

Investor's Business Daily


Game-Changing Technology Challenges Firms to Adapt

Of the Harris Interactive Survey respondents, 71% anticipate that their companies will increasingly invest in projects with outside innovation firms. The potential? Tapping into the global brain.



Holiday Shoppers Got Better Mobile Response Times

Dynatrace, Compuware's Web performance monitoring unit, named the 10 companies with the best mobile response times on Black Friday. Sears led the list, with an average response time (to a variety of locations over a varied network segments) of 0.553 seconds. Costco was number two at 1.604 seconds, and Office Depot was third at 1.723 seconds.



Making the Business Case for Human-Centered Design

Too often, technology solutions for a business are designed without fully taking into consideration the people (both inside and outside an organization) who will use them and the environment in which they will be experienced.

The Wall Street Journal


Google's DoubleClick Ad Outage Turns Internet Ad-Free For Over an Hour

Wednesday's outages affected more than 55,000 websites, according to Dynatrace, which monitors website and web application performance for companies including eight out of the ten largest retailers in North America.



6 Ways to Radiate Charisma if You Don't Have it at First

Today as the founder of a firm that develops Fortune 500 CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs and their teams into strong communiators - helping them to make connections, earn trust, and build influence -- I have learned one thing they all have in common. They all covet charisma and executive presence. The question they always ask is, "Can you learn how to have presence and charisma?"



The Rebirth of Application Performance Management

Compuware's internal transformation is a harbinger of a broader shift in the APM space as digital transformations take hold at organizations around the world.

Cooking Club Magazine


Cooking Club Giveaway

Enter to Win a Matlaw's Stuffed Clams Variety Package and Grill



Compuware Dynatrace Split Means Big Things for APM Vendor

Dynatrace says it's ready to move APM from the IT trenches to the executive suite.

Today Show

Limitless Horizons

19-Year-Old Completes Journey Around the World

The young South Dakota pilot, Matt Guthmiller landed in California on Monday, finishing a 29,000 mile solo flight around the world that took him to 14 countries and five continents.

Book: The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Outsell, Inc. and Warner Communications

This book addresses how to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases, and viral marketing to reach buyers. A case study in the book includes Outsell's surprising click fraud report and how it was skillfully reported with the help of Warner's strategy; it went viral and resulted in more than 100 stories in one week including NPR, MSNBC, Financial Times, ABC News, ClickZ, and Businessweek online. The exposure made a fundamental awareness of the Outsell firm. A great read to stay on top of the trends!

Boston Busines Journal

Warner Commnications

North Shore PR Company Chooses California to Open it's Second Office

Warner says she believes there's room for her agency in the Los Angeles market because so many of the PR firms there are focused on celebrity and consumer news, while Warner's client list is broader, and includes a significant amount of technical work. "That background will serve us well in a market like LA."


Outsell, Inc.

Are Aereo's Assets Worth More than the Sum of its Whole?

"The big issue is that its technology is being used for re-transmission of copyrighted content, which the court basically ruled is illegal," said Randy Giusto, a vice president at the market research firm, Outsell.

Republican American

Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce

Gloucester in June

If you're looking for a family-friendly destination, or even an intimate getaway without kids, Cape Ann, and Gloucester in particular, has plenty to offer. 


Lou Solomon, Interact

6 Ways to Radiate Charisma if you Don't Have it at First

Today as the founder of a firm that develops Fortune 500 CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs and their teams into strong communiators - helping them to make connections, earn trust, and build influence -- I have learned one thing they all have in common. They all covet charisma and executive presence. The question they always ask is, "Can you learn how to have presence and charisma?"

Fox News with Shepard Smith


Teen Pilot Plans to Fly Around the World This Summer

Matt Guthmiller on flying solo!

Harvard Business Review


A Social Brain is a Smarter Brain

Open Innovation projects (where organizations facing tricky problems invite outsiders to take a crack at solving them) always present cognitive challenges, of course. But they also force new, boundary-spanning human interactions and fresh perspective-taking. They require people to reach out to other people and thus foster social interaction.

Leadership Excellence

Lou Solomon, Interact

Accessing Charisma, A Social Skill That Can Be Learned

Today, as a founder of a firm tha develops leaders like Fortune 500 CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, and their teams into strong communicators, with a focus on authenticity -- helping them to make connections, earn trust, and build influence -- I have learned one thing they all have in common. They all covet charisma and executive presence. The question they always ask is, "Can you learn presence and charisma?"

The Boston Globe


MIT Freshman Aims to Be Youngest to Fly Solo Around the World

Matt Huthmiller, a 19-year-old freshman at the Massachusetts Insitutue of Technology, plans to see the entire world this summer - from the cockpit of a small single-engine plane on a quest to become the youngest person ever to fly solo around the globe.

The Wall Street Journal

Gail Angelo, Leadership Coach

How to Delegate the Right Way

Inadequate delegators lack time to be strategic, cautions Gail Angelo, a leadership coach in Charlotte, N.C. "It limits their upward mobility." Ms. Angelo finds that most of her executive clients want to bolster their delegation skills, compared with a minority a decade ago.

PR Week

Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Cooperative Creates Community Connection

"We had a hyper-local objective to build a sense of community and brand awareness, " says Erin Vadala, SVP, Warner Communications. "Media reations overlaid that, and we worked in partnership with some of the farms, dairy boards, and dairy associations."

Bloomberg Businessweek

Outsell, Inc.

Comcast Deal with Netflix Shows Cable Rules in Streaming

"In the long term, the deal is definitely better for the internet providers," said Ken Doctor, an analyst with Outsell, Inc.

Middle Market Executive


Dialing for Innovation: When NineSigma is on the Line, Ohio's Middle-Market Firms are Incented to Listen

Fifteen months after being awarded an Ohio state grant that subsidizes its efforts to engage middle-market firms across the state and incent them to take on innovation challenges, NineSigma has nabbed 24 clients and become involved in innovation projects it expects to result in the creation of 120 jobs. Middle-Market Executive recently caught up with NineSigma CEO Andy Zynga and asked him a few questions about the firm’s efforts to advance open innovation.

The New York Times

TCG Events

Rethinking the Dinner Gala

Cassie Brown of TCG Events says a little creativity can go along way. Consider a nontraditional room setup, such as moving the stage to the center of the site. Sometimes when a stage is in the front, guests in the back can feel far removed.

Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Cabot Creamery Readies for Open Farm Sunday

In these parts, leaf-peeping and apple-picking make up a regional rite of autumn. But for some New England locavores, goggling at homegrown dairy cows is a true Oktoberfest for the eyes.

And for these folks, there’s Open Farm Sunday, an Oct. 13 event sponsored by Cabot Creamery that features free tours at 49 farms scattered across the cooperative’s footprint of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, and Upstate New York. (Click here to see a map of participating farms.)

One message the cooperative hopes that visitors will take away from these tours is that the Cabot Creamery Cooperative and its 1,200 farm family can satisfy locavore demand for delicious, locally sourced cheese and butter that are available at mainstream supermarkets.

PR Week


Arborjet Works out the Bugs in Cleveland Neighborhood

Arborjet has pioneered an injection treatment for a variety of destructive tree and plant insects. Marketing manager Eric Bristol explains the emerald ash borer, a highly invasive insect that turned up in Detroit in 2002, has spread to 20 states and killed more than 60 million ash trees.

The Boston Globe

Cumberland Gulf Group

Mass Firms Mull Cuts in Health Benefits

Framingham-based Cumberland Gulf Group, which owns the Cumberland Farms convenience stores and Gulf Oil gas stations, is reclassifying more than 1,200 part-time workers to full time to make them eligible for health insurance beginning Oct 1. The company said the move will cost the company several million dollars but will help it retain valued workers, which it said would please customers and pay off in the long run.

The Huffington Post

Cumberland Gulf Group

Obamacare Delay Gives Employers Little Reason to Change

A The Cumberland Gulf Group, which operates almost 600 Cumberland Farms convenience stores and more than 2,000 Gulf Oil gas stations, announced last month that it would convert more of its workers to full-time status and provide them with health benefits. The Framingham, Mass.-based company isn't altering course because of the delayed regulations, said John McMahon, chief human resources officer.

Harvard Business Review


The Cognitvite Bias Keeps Us from Innovating

Any five-year-old has no trouble turning an old blanket and a couple of chairs into an impenetrable fort. But as we get older, knowledge and experience increasingly displace imagination and our ability to see an object for anything other than its original purpose. This is called Functional Fixedness and while you probably won't need to build a fort during your professional career, chances are you do suffer from it and it is impacting your work. How can I be so sure? Well ... you're human, right?    

Fast Company

Working Simply

Texting is the New Email, Does your Company Do It Right?

Carson Tate, founder of Working Simply, notes that the science journal NeuroImagefound managing two mental tasks at the same time significantly reduces the brain power available on either one while The Journal of Experimental Psychology found that it takes your brain four times longer to recognize and process each thing you’re working on when you switch back and forth among tasks. “Think about it,” writes Tate, “If it takes you 10 minutes to get oriented to the new task every time you switch gears, and you switch gears 10 times a day. That’s one hour and 40 minutes of wasted time.” What’s more, Tate says, if you have any of the sound features on, the dinging and pinging not only pulls you away from work, but it’s a distraction to others.

Woman's Day


9 Unexpected Repellents with Built-In Bug Repellent

Covering your yard in bug repellent is a lot of work. Why not have outdoor decor do double duty? This lantern automatically sprays repellent based on bug activity. So if your yard is insect central, the lantern works overtime. The mighty mist wards off 95% of mosquitoes, gnats and no-see-ums for up to 10 hours in backyards up to 300 sq. ft. Made of geraniol (an odorless, plant-based repellent), citric acid and water, the repellent is safe for you, your grass and your pets.

Terminix ALLCLEAR Mosquito Mister Lantern, $59.99;

Wall Street Journal

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

CFOs The Morning Download: Not So Fast to the Cloud

Good morning. News that Inc.‘s profit forecast is somewhat lower than expected (more on that below) won’t come as a surprise to many CIOs. During a panel discussion at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Wednesday, Vanguard Health Systems Inc. CIO Scott Blanchette said the traditional argument that cloud-based software is beneficial because it allows IT leaders to tap into their operating budgets rather than requesting capital for software and hardware investments holds less water in a low-interest-rate environment when “money is essentially free.”  

Corporate and Incentive Travel

TCG Events

Protect Your Company from Hackers

Technology security experts worry about meeting planners who fail to implement even the most basic of
safeguards to protect attendee information on computers, laptops and handheld devices.  Such planners don’t include Cassie Brown, chief experience officer of TCG Events, which plans corporate meetings, events and incentives. Brown takes several basic measures to protect her own data and that of clients

The New York Times

Working Simply

When You Have Had One Meeting Too Many

HAVE you started holding meetings in the office restroom? I run a management consulting firm, and one of our clients found herself in that situation. 



Innovation: Priming the Supply Chain of Ideas

Open Innovation helps companies bring better ideas to market faster.

Elmer's enlisted NineSigma, a Cleveland-based firm that has worked with companies such as Unilever, Kraft Foods and Siemens. NineSigma helps companies frame the problem they are trying to solve, write a request for proposal and connect the company with a large community of technical experts.

Woman's Day


Speidel Ladies' Watch Giveaway

Ten lucky winners will each receive one gold-tone ladies’ watch from Speidel’s “The Boyfriend” collection. (Approx. retail value: $99.00);


Thomas Industrial Network

What the Surge in Manufacturing Means for Skilled Labor

Of course, some companies and educational institutions are ahead of the curve. A recent survey by demonstrates that nearly half of 1,600 manufacturing companies surveyed are having difficulty filling open positions for skilled labor. As a result, many companies are helping educators create job training programs for young people that will prepare a new generation for the demands of a skilled industrial workforce.

Woman's World

January 2013 - Speidel

Win a Boyfiend Watch from Speidel!

Sparkle, dazzle, and make a statement with the new Boyfriend Watch from iconic American brand, Speidel. 10 lucky readers will win this beautiful watch encrusted with oversized brilliant clear stones and a truly distinctive face. Choose from seven different styles to suit any fashionista’s taste: Stainless, White Leather, Gold, Rose Gold, and Clear, White or Black Acrylic. The perfect accessory for any occasion! Through Change A Band, Change A Life™, Speidel donates a portion of all proceeds to Operation Homefront, which supports the needs of U.S. military members and their families – a stylish way to give back! Visit to learn more and see their entire collection of beautifully crafted watches and accessories.

Fast Company

December 2012 - Working Simply

How Successful Compaies Survive the Holiday Slump and Stay Productive

Carson Tate, managing partner of Working Simply

"Accept and embrace the madness. It sounds counterintuitive, however, it actually works. At this time of year, there is a buzz in offices across the country. Tap into this extra energy and let it inspire, energize, and excite you. Insights occur more frequently when you are happy. Leverage the happiness in the office and conduct a brainstorming session on a particularly challenging issue. You might be surprised by the innovative sparking of ideas."


December 2012 - Caliper

The Lack of Qualified Job Candidates is a Myth

"At this writing, the unemployment rate in the United States is 7.9%, yet, according to Manpower, one out of every two U.S. employers is struggling to fill mission-critical jobs.How can that be? In my view, based on my company’s work with more than 28,000 businesses around the world and our assessment of over 3.5 million people on their behalf, those frustrated employers are simply using the wrong hiring criteria.


December 2012 - Dancing Deer Baking Company

Purpose -- and Profit

One of the first seven companies to opt for benefit corporation status is Dancing Deer Baking, long a stalwart of socially-conscious capitalism. As the 65-person company, based in the Readville section of Boston’s Hyde Park, ramps up this month for its busiest time of the year – adding up to 115 part-time seasonal workers to pump out as many as 18,000 gift boxes a day of cookies and brownies and treats – it is also formally celebrating a new corporate identity.

CBS News MoneyWatch

November 2012 - Working Simply

What is Your Time Worth?

"We give away our time much, much, much easier than we give away our dollars," says Carson Tate, owner of Working Simply, a management consulting company that focuses on workplace productivity. "Until we quantify and make time as tangible as possible, like dollars in our pockets, it's really hard to make investment decisions."

Incentive Magazine

November 2012 - Dancing Deer

Desserts that are Good for You and for Others

Boston-based Dancing Deer Baking Company has a new way for corporate buyers to send employees, clients, and business partners its gourmet, all-natural brownies, cookies, and cakes. While Dancing Deer has accepted corporate orders for years, it recently formalized the channel with its new Sweet Impressions Business Gift Program, offering a wide variety of baked-from-scratch treats packed by hand in gift baskets, towers, tins, and the company’s signature keepsake wooden boxes, decorated with high-quality ribbons and personalized messages. 

Inventor's DIgest

October 2012 - NineSigma

You, Globalized

Today, Open Innovation supports this original practice. However, both the role and influence of OI has expanded dramatically — driven by global competitive pressure on industries to deliver more innovative products and services at a increasingly fast pace.

The Fast Track

September 2012 - Working Simply

Set Your Own Pace to Get Off the E-Mail Treadmill

A new Working Simply survey finds that 84.5 million American employees say they’re constantly checking work emails outside of the office. The practice, they say, is preventing them from fully engaging in their private lives, marring time with family, friends and their community.

Fast Company

September 2012 - NineSigma

How to Find Champions of Innovation Among Your Ranks

Companies today invest more than ever in innovation and OI (open innovation) to be first to market and advance their goals. When they start to build OI programs the challenge remains how to select the right leaders to spearhead them.

U.S News and World Report

September 2012 - Caliper

How to Step up Your Work Performance Game

Patrick Sweeney, president of Caliper Corporation, says: "Finding a way to work effectively with your manager is the first step in ensuring you're even playing the right game, much less stepping up yours." 

Independent Restaurateur

September 2012 - Straits Restaurant Group

Go Big...Or Go Home?

Owner adn Executive Chef of Straits and SINO restaurants Chris Yeo has plenty of experience on expanding, with five locations in California and Texas under his belt. He has been able to remain present at each location and maintain, if not improve, the quality of each new addition.

NBC Philadelphia

August 2012 - Terminix ALLCLEAR

Bug Off Mosuitoes

Leah Zerbe from Organic Gardening Magazine is here to show us how to prevent West Nile virus in your neighborhood by getting rid of those nagging mosquitoes that are swarming your yard right now.

Financial Times

August 2012 - Outsell, Inc.

Amazon Launches Textbook Rental Service

“We’re beginning to see textbook rentals peak,” said Laura Ricci of Outsell, a publishing research firm. “Print textbook rental is essentially a short-term model which will be overtaken by the digital alternatives,” Kate Worlock, Outsell’s lead education analyst added.

Convenience Store News

August 2012 - Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms Fosters Culture of Giving

Cumberland Farms set itself apart from the crowd by formalizing its corporate giving program several years ago. Since then, the Framingham, Mass.-based chain has donated millions of dollars in cash and products to charitable causes.


June 2012 - Caliper

How I Fixed the Job Interview

Herb Greenberg lost his sight at age 10. In 1961, after a nine-year stint in academia, he founded Caliper, a consulting firm that specializes in assessing job applicants. Caliper now has 250 employees in 13 offices worldwide.

June 2012 - Straits Restaurant Group

Spare Ribs with Asian Flare

Summer just wouldn't be the same without fingerlicking good barbecued ribs. This recipe for Bali Style Five Spice BBQ Pork Spare Ribs comes from Chris Yeo, Chef and founder of SINO restaurant, of the Straits restaurant chain.

June 2012 - Gulf Oil

How CEOs Cite Innovation as a Key to Business Models -- and Even Our Energy Future

What’s your perspective on overcoming business challenges? Joe Petrowski, CEO, Cumberland Farms and Gulf Oil: “Both of our businesses have strong external forces impacting success which has led us to innovate. On the Gulf side, we are focused on being fuel agnostic to find the most cost effective solutions for consumers.

U.S. News & World Report

May 2012 - Caliper

How to Handle an Employment Gap

Show how you put your time to good use," says Patrick Sweeney, president of the management consulting firm Caliper. "Examples could be learning more about your industry, networking with others, taking a course, a volunteer role, working closely with your friends or family on a project together or any number of things—no one is absolutely static when they are unemployed. Show that you filled that time with purpose."

Colorado CW

May 2012 - Arborjet

How to New Approach to Treating Bug-Infested Trees

"One of the things people don’t realize is how much value they add not just to the property but to the entire city.” says arborist Rob Gorden of Arborjet. For years, the traditional method of treating trees for bugs and disease were the big jet sprayers mounted on trucks. The spray method, some say, is a hazard to the environment and dangerous to humans. When people need medicine, we get a shot in the rump.  Now, when trees need medicine, they get a shot in the trunk thanks to the research done by Arborjet.

PR Week

April 2012 - Warner Communications

Dancing Deer Builds Buzz with Best Brownie

Dancing Deer Baking Company products are sold nationally in specialty grocery stores and packaged gift sets are sold on The company and AOR Warner Communications launched a campaign last summer focused on its brownies that extended through the holiday gift-giving season. Results:  
overall 2011 sales increased compared to 2010, and the campaign drove 70% of the volume of new customers for the holidays.

CNBC Squawk Box

April 2012 - Gulf Oil

Gas Prices at Record Breaking Levels

Joe Petrowski, CEO of Gulf Oil discusses gas price predictions, opening up federal lands for drilling, and bottlenecks in our system.


April 2012 - Caliper

Request a Performance Review, or Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

"There could be any number of reasons why your boss hasn't sat down with you," notes Patrick Sweeney, president of human resources consulting firm Caliper. "For example, since he is relatively new, maybe the expectations from his own higher-ups aren't clear yet. Or maybe he just doesn't like doing evaluations."

New England Journal of Higher Education

March 2012 - Maguire Associates

Inequality: Q&A with Higher Ed Guru Jack Maguire

Indeed, Maguire had coined the term for the holistic approach to recruitment and retention of students when he was dean of admissions at Boston College in the early 1970s. He introduced market research to the field of admissions, and applications to BC tripled during his tenure. He founded Maguire Associates in 1983.

Today's Home

March 2012 - International Window Film Association

Window Film Solves a Glaring Problem

For those who may have second homes in mountainous areas, snow on the ground can reflect up to 85% of these harmful rays upwards, according to the Vision Council of America, and this only compounds the glare problem. A simple, yet cost-effective solution is professionally installed window film to make your environment more comfortable while keeping your family and furnishings protected.

Woodworking Network

March 2012 - Arborjet

Company Says 'Trunk Injections' Protected 350,000 Trees in 2011

Abortjet, a company focused on developing "effective and environmentally sound formulations and equipment" for combating the enerald ash beetle, Asian long-horned beetle and other tree-killing insects, claims its products helped save some 350,000 trees in the United States last year.

ProfNet Connect

March 2012 - Warner Communications

Dear Gracie: 6 Secrets to Successful Nonprofit PR

Discover why you Nonprofit PR needs to be based on the same premise that is successful in for-profit organizations," says Steve Capoccia, account director at Warner Communications. "Tell a good story, and link the story to a call for action."

Woman's Day

February 2012 - Straits and Sino Restaurants

Conquer Your Cooking Fears

Discover why you shouldn’t be afraid of making these 7 simple staples. Get expert tips from Chris Yeo, Executive Chef and Owner of the Straits Restaurant Group.


February 2012 - MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

Strategic CIO: Be Brave: StartUps May Be  Your Ticket To Real Innovation

The annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium this year in May will include a session for 10 selected startups to show off their new products. 


February 2012 - Confluence

Following the Sun

In the age of free capital flows, the day never ends for the financial markets. For this reason, it is imperative for asset managers to be able to follow the sun, and they must embrace a vigorous global regulatory environment and not be constrained by its demands.

Fox Business: Power and Money Show

January 2012 - Gulf Oil

Gulf CEO: XL Pipleine Would Cut $0.20 of Gallon of Gas

David Asman hosted Joe Petrowski, President and CEO of Gulf Oil LP, to claim that because President Obama has decided not to immediately build the Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline and pursue additional domestic oil production, gas prices will increase as early as "the summer and building the pipeline could reduce gas prices in the long term by as much as "20 to 30 cents a gallon."

The Boston Globe

January 2012 - Gulf Oil

Gulf Oil is Looking to Become an Electricity Supplier

Northeast fuel distributor Gulf Oil LP plans to open a new division that will buy electricity and resell it in deregulated markets in which customers can shop for power suppliers.

January 2012 - Caliper

7 Steps to Increase Self-Awareness and Catapult Your Career

Fifty years ago, Herb Greenberg introduced the Caliper assessment tool to help hiring managers with “job matching.” It took four years to create the initial test – a better predictor of who can sell – and has been revised 22 times since then, evolving as it’s been applied to more and more job functions.

Woman's World

January 2012 - Real Moms Love to Eat Giveaway!

Win Foodie Fun from Healthy Lifestyle Guru Beth Aldrich!

Her new book, Real Moms Love to Eat; How to Conduct a Love Affair with Food, Lose Weight, and Feel Fabulous (Penguin Books, NAL, January, 2012), explains WHY we crave what we do and why diets usually don’t work.

Electrical Distributor

January 2012 - Thomas Industrial Network

New Strategy for Growing Sales

A conversation with Joe Lardieri of Thomas Industrial Network.

New York Times

December 2011 - Caliper

Prepping for Your Annual Review

Patrick Sweeney, president of the management consulting firm Caliper in Princeton, N.J., and co-author of “Succeed on Your Own Terms” discusses how to plan your career development and what to talk about.

Early Show

December 2011 - Dancing Deer Baking Company

Great Holiday GIfts "Made in the U.S.A!"

Holiday Sweets: The Holiday Decorated Tin, Signature Holiday Brownie Sampler, Holiday Cake & Cookie Tower, and assortment of goodies were beautifully and proudly displayed as the first gift option in this "Made in America" gift guide segment.

December 2011 - NineSigma

On the Fast Track: NineSigma

Innovation -- as in, Where's the money coming from next? -- is an inescapable topic for most CFOs today. That includes Bill Chorba, CFO of NineSigma. He has one advantage, however: innovation is his company’s core product.

Reader's Digest

December - Dancing Deer Baking Company

The Well-Chosen Gift: 50+ Ways to Give the Perfect Present

Well-Fed: Dancing Deer Gift Boxes

The puckery Sweet Lemon Squares have just the right crackly crust. The Cappuccino Brownies have just the right chocolate-coffee balance. A gift box of either has just the right effect.

Kiwi Magazine

December 2011 - Dancing Deer Baking Company

Holiday Gifts Galore!

For the love of lemon citrus fans rejoice! There's a ton of real lemon juice infused into these all natural Sweet Lemon Squares from Dancing Deer Baking Company.

Good Morning America

November 2011 - Dancing Deer Baking Company

Exclusive Deals on Holiday Gifts and Meal Essentials, Only for "GMA' Viewers!

Dancing Deer Baking Company: Dessert Gift Boxes

Over five million GMA viewers swooned over America's Best Tasting Brownies from Dancing Deer on 11/17.

November 2011 - Beth Aldrich, Author of Real Moms Love to Eat; How to Conduct a Love Affair with Food, Lose Weight and Feel Fabulous

Best-Loved Family Christmas Recipes

We asked our favorite food bloggers what they serve at their table. And snagged their recipes.

Harvest Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup

My grandma was a wonderful woman, so sweet and loving, and I would get feelings of warmth, comfort, and coziness every time she would make her delicious soup. Now every time I make this soup I get those wonderful nostalgic feelings back and they become more alive each time I make it.

Woman's World

November 2011 - Dancing Deer

Win a Real Crowd Pleaser from Dancing Deer!

Spread the season’s cheer with the Holiday Crowd Pleaser Gift Basket from Weighing in at nearly five pounds, this generous collection of treats is hand packed in two gorgeous deep red woven sea grass boxes and includes a scrumptious Chocolate Espresso cake and a generous variety of holiday cookies and brownies. Treat yourself now to a chance to win one of twelve!

Smart Business

November 2011 - NineSigma

Andy Zynga Goes Outside the Four Walls at NineSigma, Inc.

If there was a way to generate time savings of 30 percent or grow 5 to 20 percent in a year, you would probably want to do it. But many leaders hesitate to do so even though there is a way. - Global Business Hub Blog

November 2011 - MIT Sloan CFO Summit

Innovating Finance: The CFO isn't Just your Best Accountant

Jack McCullough is the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the MIT Sloan CFO Summit, an annual one-day event (on November 17th this year) that brings together financial executives from around the world to discuss the changing role of the CFO and “Where Finance Meets Innovation.” It will explore how businesses are looking to expand revenue and market share in today’s environment, and how the CFO's responsibility are at the forefront of this innovation.

Chicago Tribune

October 2011 - Arborjet

Tree-loving homeowners chip in to battle ash borers

When Sam Moser first learned about the path of destruction waged by the emerald ash borer, he looked at the shady ashes lining his quiet Arlington Heights street and shuddered.


September 2011 - Equilar

Advisers May Use Equilar's Atlas to Wood Facebook-Skipping CEOs

Equilar, a provider of executive compensation data, is offering those who manage money a social- networking tool to attract high-net-worth clients.

Financial advisers at 10 nationally ranked brokerage firms have joined Equilar Atlas, which officially goes live today and contains professional profiles of about 250,000 chief executive officers, board members and executive directors at almost 5,000 public companies and 5,000 nonprofits, according to David Chun, CEO and founder of Redwood City, California-based Equilar.

NBC Chicago

September 2011 - Beth Aldrich

Lunch Box Makeover

The kids are back in school and we have some lunch ideas for you to pack for your kids. Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition Expert, Beth Aldrich shares some tips on healthy and fun snacks.

Trend Hunter Eco

September 2011 - RainPerfect

Rain-Harvesting Hoses

Sunlight is the Only Resource the RainPerfect Water Pump Uses. This neat device is perfect for gardening green thumbs who hope to make their green space as genuinely sustainable as possible.


September 2011 - Maguire Associates

Do Online College Caluculators Reveal True Costs?

A new law requires colleges to offer online calculators to tally up the "net cost" of getting a degree. But do parents need a Ph.D. to use them? For parents, the obvious step is to use the calculators but take them with a grain of salt. Most colleges' sites have a long list of questions about family assets and test scores, which can seem tedious to go through. But Linda Maguire, vice chairperson of research firm Maguire Associates, suggests wading through it all to get the most accurate estimates. "There is a range remember, these are estimates, not a promise," she says.

Handy Magazine

August 2011 - RainPerfect


Rain Harvest: Get a double-dose of eco-friendliness with the RainPerfect solar-powered rain barrel pump from ITT Corp ($139.)

Lawn & Landscape Magazine

August 2011 - Arborjet

New Products

ACE-jet is a micro-injectable, broad spectrum insecticide used for the management of insects that damage trees and landscape ornamentals.

Financial Times

July 2011 - ThomasNet Industrial Network

Suppliers Switch Tactics to Hold onto Customers

Small US industrial companies that supply components for some of the world’s biggest manufacturers have turned to a range of new customer-service techniques – from cutting the time they take to complete an order to communicating with customers via Facebook and Twitter – amid intensifying competition in the manufacturing supply chain.

Boston Globe

July 2011 - Hot Seat: Polhemus Savery DaSilva

Projects Build on Classic N.E. Style

Peter Polhemus and his partners at Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects/Builders are known for building structures in some of the most picturesque spots in New England.

Bulls and Bears on Fox Business

June 2011 - Gulf Oil

How can the Administration Improve its Energy Policies

Gulf Oil CEO Joe Petrowski on what the White House needs to change about its energy policies.

June 2011 - Gulf Oil

Gasoline to Keep Falling Through Labor Day: Gulf Oil CEO

The price of oil will drop to "the mid-80s" per barrel and gasoline will fall below $3.50 a gallon across the U.S., because "demand is still down," Gulf Oil CEO Joe Petrowski told CNBC Thursday.

New York Times

June 2011 - Thomas Industrial Network

The Best Connecting with Clients Through the Power of Tech

The Web site capabilities of Riten Industries, a 78-year-old maker of tools that hold industrial parts while they are being produced, allow the company to do more than just display its products.

Riten’s site, enhanced with computer-aided design, makes it possible for customers to modify a part to meet specific needs, said Andrew Lachat, who owns the company. The software, by Thomas Industrial Network of New York, effectively provides remote self-service at any hour of the day.

Popular Mechanics

June 2011 - AquaCharge

The Best Tools from the 2011 National Hardware Show

ITT Corporation Rule AquaCharge - It weighs just 3.6 pounds, but ITT Corporation's Rule AquaCharge ($90) is no pipsqueak pump. Able to operate partially or fully submerged, it can move 200 gallons of salt or fresh water on a single nickel-metal-hydride battery charge. Use it to bail canoes, empty wet-dry vacs or sop up a soggy basement.

Boston Globe

May 2011 - Gulf Oil

What Fueled Recent Drop in Gas Prices?

Memorial Day weekend typically ushers in summer gas price increases along with the summer vacation season. Not so this year. Gas prices fell 15 cents last week, bringing the average for a gallon of unleaded to $3.85. Joseph Petrowski, chief executive of Framingham-based Cumberland Farms Gulf Oil Group, said he expects prices to fall further, dropping below $3.50 a gallon by July 4.

Natick Bulletin & Tab

May 2011 - Natick VNA

Natick Visiting Nurse Association Champions Stay-at-Home Care

Tricia St. Martin, R. N., has been working at the Natick Visiting Nurse Association for 22 years. “We’re ... that bridge between the hospital and independence,” she said. “We’re there to check and make sure that everything is getting better.”

Wall Street Journal: Venture Capital Dispatch Blog

May 2011 - MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

CIO's Dilemma: Making Business Apps User-Friendly

While the average employee at many big companies longs for business applications that are as simple to use as Facebook, the chief information officers responsible for that software are frustrated, too.

“We don’t like to be told that your interfaces look like they’re the 1960s,” says Mark Egan, CIO of VMware Inc. Egan was a panelist at the annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass. Cloud computing, cyber security and social networks were among the topics at last week’s event.

Woman's World

May 2011 - RainPerfect

Win a RainPerfect Pump!

Your lawn and garden will grow even "greener" when you disconnect the watering hose from the spigot and use a new solar powered RainPerfect pump system.

New York Times

March 2011 - Maguire Associates

Economy is Growing Factor in College Choices, Poll Finds

Fastweb conducted the survey in partnership with Maguire Associates, a consulting firm to colleges, universities and other educational institutions. The surveyors asked the students what characteristics they considered to be most important in choosing a college.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

March 2011 - Eagle Pack

Parkway West Alum is Ready for Her 11th Iditarod

Zirkle likens herself to a coach or trainer, responsible for the health of her team. She has placed a priority on caring for her dogs and teaching others to do the same, even if they're just lying on the couch. She has touted proper nutrition, especially Eagle Pack food.


March 2011 - RainPerfect

RainPerfect: Rainwater Recycling System With a Solar-Powered Pump

Disconnect that garden hose from your faucet! We’ve found a much more eco-friendly alternative that harnesses the power of the sun and the gift of rain to store life-giving water for your plants. RainPerfect is a solar-powered pump system that collects seasonal rainwater in a barrel and then pumps it using a NiMH battery that’s charged by a 3.5 kW solar panel.

AOL Daily Finance

February 2011 - Gulf Oil

Leaping Gas Prices Have Drivers HItting the Brakes

As national gasoline prices shoot higher each day, signs of motorists rationing gas purchases have begun springing up around the country.

CNBC'S Fast Money

February 2011 - Gulf Oil

Gulf Oil CEO Expects $125 Oil by Memorial Day

Joe Petrowski, CEO of Gulf Oil states, "Unless we get higher interest rates or see a slowdown in China, I think oil will be at $125 by Memorial Day.”

Cape Cod Times

February 2011 - Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders


Peter Polhemus, president and CEO of Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders in Chatham, recently received the 2010 National Custom Home Builder of the Year Award from the National Association of Home Builders at its 2011 International Builders' Show in Orlando, Fla. This was the first time that the award has been presented to an individual who is both a builder and an architect who leads an integrated architecture and construction firm.

ECN Magazine

February 2011 - ThomasNet

Online CAD Solutions Improve Engineering Productivity, Reduce Error

As engineers and their supplier partners are challenged to work faster and to reduce mistakes, it’s no wonder that the market for CAD software is booming, topping $5 billion*.

New Haven Register

February 2011 - Cumberland Farms

Convenience Store Aids 22nd 'Nite in Hand' Event for Madison Grads

Daniel Hand High School students, parents and town officials were scattered throughout Cumberland Farms Tuesday, sipping free beverages.  The convenience store is raising money for the high school’s Nite In Hand no-alcohol, after-graduation party.

Natick Bulletin & Tab

February 2011 - Natick VNA

Strategies from the Natick VNA to Counteract Winter Slips and Falls

The Natick Visiting Nurse Association, which serves more than 20 towns in MetroWest Boston, provides these tips: Wear proper footwear. Ensure your shoes and boots have good, non-slip soles for proper traction and stability on snowy, bumpy and icy surfaces. Be sure to have a shovel, ice melt and sand on hand. Keep these items near your front and back steps, and your driveway.

Green Investing

February 2011 - RainPerfect

RainPerfect Solar-Powered Rain Barrel Pump

Here's a green gadget that can help homeowners conserve water and cut down on their electric bill.

RainPerfect is a solar-powered pump for use with rain barrels. The RainPerfect pump system enables homeowners to more fully utilize off-grid water harvested in rain barrels by providing enough pressure to power a garden hose spray nozzle, or run low-pressure sprinklers.

January 2011 - Mac-Gray

Digital Laundry is Here, Mac-Gray says

It could be a lazy college kid's salvation: A laundry room that sends text messages to let you know that the rinse cycle is over and it's time to collect the wash.

That's one feature of Change Point, a new payment and monitoring system from Mac-Gray Corp., a Waltham company that manages nearly 90,000 laundry rooms nationwide. Some of those laundry rooms are located in off-campus student housing, others in apartment and condominium buildings, Mac-Gray said.

January 2011 - Cumberland Farms

Buy Groceries at Cumberland Farms Drive-Thru Store

Getting a cup of coffee at the drive-through window is no big deal, but now at a new Cumberland Farms store in Kingston, drive-through customers can also buy bread, eggs, and other grocey items without getting out of their cars.


January 2011 - Confluence

Funds to Get Back Offices in Order

Kirk Botula, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Pittsburgh, PA-based Confluence, a provider of investment data management technology, gives his take on why hedge funds and mutual funds plan on cleaning up their back offices as a result of the regulatory environment.

Med Ad News

January 2011 -Partners+simons

Clear and Truthful Education

Ed Feather, senior brand director, Partners+simons, discusses how comparative effectiveness research will change pharmaceutical marketing and physician education.

Today Show

December 2010 - WellPet

Holiday Gifts for Your Furry Friend

The Today Show was pets, pets, pets the morning of December 20th with Wendy Diamond and her dog Lucky sharing their recommendations for purr-fect pet presents, including  "natural snacks" from Wellness and Old Mother Hubbard.

Boston Business Journal

August 2010 - Maguire Associates

An A for Enrollment: Area Colleges Hold Their Own in Drawing Students

This year, fewer students have changed their minds, said Kathy Dawley, president of Maguire Associates, a Concord higher education consulting firm.

“It is, in a, way puzzling. We all anticipated coming into the second full year of recession-related outcomes for families that we might begin to see more of a public preference, particularly for in-state students, but that has not come to fruition,” Dawley said.

July 2010 - Arborjet

Arborjet's Precision Weapon Against Invasive Beetles

First Worcester, now Boston have been hit by the tree-munching Asian long-horned beetle. But a company here called Arborjet has a precision weapon aimed at killing the bugs before they kill the trees.

Wall Street Journal

July 2010 - Outsell, Inc.

Bloomberg Hangs New Shingle; The Firm, Built on  Financial Data, Enters Field of Legal Research, Challenging Westlaw, LexisNexis

The legal sector holds the most economic potential for Bloomberg. Providers of legal, tax
and regulatory information generated $14.5 billion in revenue in 2009, with legal
information accounting for more than half of that sum, according to market-research firm
Outsell Inc.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

July 2010 - Arborjet

Bloomberg Residents in Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway Neighborhood Win Battle to Save Ash Trees

Insecticide is injected into holes drilled in a tree's trunk. The chemical spreads through the tree over about four weeks. The tree is protected for two years, said Rob Gordon, director of sales for Arborjet, the Massachusetts company supplying the chemical for free for 10 years on West 50th.

Portals and KM

May 2010 - MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

Interop: Weaving New Fabrics The 2010 MIT Sloan CIO Symosium Notes: Enterprise 3.0?

I recently attended the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium for the second time. It is an annual one-day conference, held on the MIT campus. The site describes it as an event “where CIOs and other senior business executives from around the world gather to explore how leading-edge academic research and innovative technologies can help address the practical challenges faced in today's changing economy.”

Network Computing

April 2010 - Voltaire

Interop: Weaving New Fabrics

I sat down and said, with a grin, "Infiniband is dead." Asaf Somekh VP of marketing and Christy Lynch, director of corporate communications for Voltaire, took the shot well, but my comment framed the conversation in a way that was useful.

April 2010 - PawSafe

Protect Family Members Who Drink from the Toilet

But the Harris Survey, commissioned by the PawSafe Household Cleaners company, also found that more than half of the 2,482 survey respondents worry that their pets might be ingesting chemicals left behind from harmful cleaning products.

Boston Globe

April 2010 - MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

MIT CIO Conference Announces 'Innovation Showcase' Participants

The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium doesn't happen until May 19th, but today they're announcing the ten start-up companies that'll be part of the "innovation showcase" at the event.

CNBC's Squawk Box

April 2010 - Gulf Oil

Joe Petrowski, President and CEO of Gulf Oil, Comments on Crude Oil Prices

Better TV

March 2010 - Wellness Natural Food for Pets

Warner secured an in-studio appearance for Andrea Arden on this nationally syndicated program produced by Better Homes and Gardens TV from the NYC studios. Wellness and brand spokesperson Andrea Arden, accompanied by Lovebug the adorable puppy, were stars of the March 26th nationally syndicated broadcast of Better TV . The segment, is available online at - “Pet Trainer to the Stars”, and Andrea offers advice on helping our pets achieve true wellness with Wellness! (It’s been posted to the Videos page of the site as well).

Financial Times

March 2010 - Outsell, Inc.

US online advertising and marketing spending will overtake print this year as traditional media spending continues to decline, according to a study.

Online spending is forecast to rise 9.6 per cent to $119.6bn, while print spending will fall 3 per cent to $111.5bn, according to a survey of 1,000 advertisers by Outsell, a publishing research company.

March 2010 - Outsell, Inc.

We've been waiting for this: A study by Outsell, to be released Monday, reveals that U.S.
advertisers are spending more this year on digital media than on print. Long predicted, this
Madison Avenue milestone has finally arrived thanks to a 9.6% boom in digital advertising in

March 2010 - PawSafe

Sure we love 'em, but there's no denying that our pets can make a mess. Paw prints on tile floors, nose prints on windows.

But is cleaning up those messes harmful to our dogs and cats? PawSafe Household Cleaners get rid of the question mark with products that are free of problematic chemicals and harsh odors for pets that love to lick floors, toilets, windows and other surfaces. PawSafe products are made with natural plant-based surfactants and citric acid.

Mass High Tech

February 2010 - Sayabit

Serial Entrepreneur Huang to Launch Syabit Document-Sharing Service

Ken Huang is helping to launch his third software venture in two years. Huang, a co-founder at Cambridge-based content sharing firm WebNotes Inc., last year launched Sayagle Inc., a mobile location-based service currently in private alpha testing.

North Adams Transcript

February 2010 - Cumberland Farms

Williamstown Food Pantry Sees Record Generosity

The most recent substantial donation the food pantry has received is $1,772 from Cumberland Farms, which held a fundraiser on Dec. 21, 2009 as part of the grand re-opening of its store on Main Street.

February 2010 - Stephanie's on Newbury
Satisfy Your Romance-- and Appetite with a Stephanie's On Newbury Recipe

Boston-based chef and restaurateur Stephanie Sokolove has some mouth watering recipes that will help everyone forget the chill in the air and bring warmth to all hearts this Valentine’s Day. So make a date with family and friends and make your reservations at Stephanie's On Newbury for a special Valentine's Day taste!

January 2010 - Olivia's Organics
Salad Mixes to Suite Everyone's Tastes with a Little Charity Thrown in for Good Measure

"I was sent a variety of salad mixes and greens from Olivia’s Organics for my family to try out. Good stuff. Olivia’s is a family owned New England-based company and the products are available on the East Coast."

January 2010 - Maguire Associates, Inc.
Chicago's 42% Applicant Jump to Aid Harvard Rivalry (Update 1)

Admission rates are more than numbers in a ledger. They are a crucial tool in the business of U.S. higher education, so relentlessness about recruiting makes sense, said Jack Maguire, chairman of Maguire Associates Inc., a Concord, Massachusetts, consulting company.

January 2010 - Former Furniture
Web Store Has Ex-Furniture of Hollywood, Sports Stars

Designer furniture dished off by Hollywood A-listers and other affluent sellers are mouse clicks away thanks to a sister act from Boston. Former Furniture allows shoppers to buy gently used, upscale furnishings from the likes of actors, producers, singers and pro-athletes at prices marked down at least a third from their original tags. It also offers new pieces from high-end manufacturers including A. Rudin, Gina B and Argent Custom Furniture that don’t deal with the general public.

December 2009 - Gulf Oil, L.P.
Cisco Framingham-Based Company's Promo Rewards Drivers, Breast Cancer Research

Gulf Oil, L.P. announced the start of its “Get Spotted” program on Monday, which rewards drivers a $20 Gulf gas card if they place a Gulf decal on their cars, register at, and are “spotted” by a member of Gulf’s roving promotion staff, according to a press release from Gulf.

November 2009 - Voltaire
Voltaire Strikes at Cisco

Voltaire CEO Ronnie Kenneth talks partnerships and products as the Cisco rival gears up for 2010.

Boston Globe

October 2009 - Cabot
The Cheese Process

New Englanders will get a chance this weekend to follow the cheese-making process from cow to curd to cheddar as area dairy farms take part in Cabot Creamery’s “Open Farm Sunday.’’

Boston Globe

October 2009 - Cabot

Cabot Taking Steps To Stay Sharp

For the first time in their 90-year history, Cabot farmers across the region are opening their doors tomorrow to try and drum up support for the Vermont brand best known for its naturally aged cheddar cheese.

Boston Herald

October 2009 - Wellness Natural Food for Pets

“We realized all these dogs with hot spots, their owners didn’t realize they could be treated with food,” said Jean Lizotte, vice president of new products for WellPet, the parent company of Wellness.

Mocha, now 6, has been eating Simple Solutions for two years and been symptom-free. “He started to improve in the first few weeks,” Lovetere said.

NY Post

September 2009 - Marcal

The global environmental watchdog group has cozied up with giant paper companies that use very little recycled paper in their toilet paper, napkins and paper towels while it ignores a smaller company that uses 100 percent recycled paper, said the chief executive of Marcal, Tim Spring, which happens to be the smaller company in question.

Recruitment & Retention in Higher Learning

September 2009 - Maguire Associates

Despite concerns that economic difficulties would restrict many highschool seniors’ college options, it appears that institutions’ use of flexible financial aid and strategic pricing have helped many students enroll in the kinds
of institutions they prefer, according to recent surveys by Maguire Associates.

Marc Gunther Blog

Contributing Editor of Fortune
August 2009 - Marcal

Marcal Small Steps paper towels are not only made entirely from recycled paper. They sell for less – in some instances quite a bit less – than paper towels made mostly from trees by the industry giants.

Greentech Media
August 2009 - Hallowell International

The government will be one of the largest customers for building retrofits. Hallowell is tackling the market with improved heat pump systems for Air Force Base housing.

Good Housekeeping
August 2009 - MicroFridge

Inside the Institute - Product News You Can Use, From the Experts at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute
Good Housekeeping recommends the ENERGY STAR rated MicroFridge for college students or anyone that wants to save space and energy.
Time Magazine
August 11, 2009 - Outsell, Inc.

Will Rupert Murdoch Be the Pied Piper of Paid Content?
Outsell anayst, Ken Doctor comments on News Corp.’s purported plans to move all its online properties into a paid content model.
July 22, 2009 - ThomasNet

2 Smart Ways to Boost your Website's Performance
ThomasNet -the leading online destination connecting industrial buyers and sellers world wide- explains 2 creative ways to boost your website's performance.
April 3, 2009 - Jasper Wyman & Son

Blueberry Grower Supports Honey Bee Research
The state's largest blueberry producer said without honey bees its industry would be devastated. Throughout the year, bee keepers travel from state to state with their hives pollinating crops.
April 3, 2009 - Jasper Wyman & Son

Penn State's Entomology Department Gets Thousands Toward Honey Bee Research
Blueberry-grower Wyman's of Maine believes in what Penn State is doing to help solve the mysterious disease known as Colony Collapse Disorder.
Good Morning Live, NECN
April 2, 2009 - Maguire Associates

Discussing College Choices and the Economy
March 26, 2009 - Jasper Wyman & Son

Maine blueberry company donates to bee research
The president of one of Maine's biggest blueberry companies is in Pennsylvania to present a $50,000 check in support of research into a mysterious sickness that has led to the disappearance of millions of honeybee colonies..
New York Times
February 25, 2009 - Marcal

Mr. Whipple Left It Out: Soft Is Rough on Forests
Americans like their toilet tissue soft: exotic confections that are silken, thick and hot-airfluffed.
Business Week
February 13, 2009 - ThomasNet

Resources for Finding an Outsourcer
A number of Web sites can help you find a manufacturer
The Wall Street Journal
February 9, 2009 - Caliper

Despite Cutbacks, Firms Invest in Developing Leaders
Companies Renew Focus on Employee Training, Betting That Strong Managers Will Help Through the Recovery.
The Wall Street Journal
May 29, 2008 - Caliper

Finding the Right People to Make the Sale
When Daniel Sheridan came to Extensis Group LLC in 2007, only 18% of potential clients who expressed interest to a sales employee ended up signing on the dotted line.
August 18, 2008 - ThomasNet

Selling Online to Industrial Buyers Overseas
Linda Rigano, director of strategic alliances at ThomasNet, shares online marketing strategies for small businesses selling in international markets.
Fox Business News/Scoreboard
July 22, 2008 - Gulf Oil

Oil Crisis Fix
Fox News: Your World with Neil Cavuto
July 11, 2008 - Gulf Oil

Gulf Oil CEO Joe Petrowski on Energy Crisis
December 5, 2008 - Gulf Oil

One dollar per Gallon Gas? Gulf Oil CEO, Joe Petrowski, says it might be.


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